Monday, March 10, 2008

Goodies In The Mail

Stephanie over at Dispensing Happiness truly does.

Besides her monthly Blog Party where we get to virtually taste new treats and drinks, she also organizes a Blogging By Mail.

In all her organizational wizardness, she matches participants up to send packages of goodies. You don't know who has your name until the package arrives.

This time the theme was "little things" and little things do mean a lot.

I received my surprise in the mail today from Judith over at Shortcut To Mushrooms. What was in it you ask?

My package contained a cute little measuring cup, martini themed napkins, three flavors of hot chocolate, three flavors of hot tea, three very unique flavored chocolates, and two Dean & Deluca chocolate squares. PLUS - three of her favorite recipes. Thanks Judith!

I have my package prepared to ship. I intended to do take it to the post office Saturday but there was this blizzard - have you heard?

Hint: Mine is going by international mail.


Fightin' Mad Mary said...

The Vosges Naga and Woolloomooloo chocolate bars are my most favorites!!!!! After you try them, tell us what you think....

I need to get in on some of this happiness!

mk99 said...

Good to know. I'll let you know when we give them a try. It really is fun. She does it 2-3 times a year - this is my first go around. I'll let you know when she does it again.

Judith said...

Hey, Melody, I'm so glad you liked the goodies! Happy BBM :-)

nejyerf said...

ooooh. what a neat idea. i wanna do it too.

i like your new picture

mk99 said...

My husband who NEVER reads my blog told me recently he didn't care for the picture I had of myself on the blog - WTF!

He said it was not flattering and not representive of how "cute" I was.

He said the latter to distract me from the shock I was experiencing that he was on my blog.

Morven said...

oooooh hot drinks and chocolates. A wonderful combination. Love the napkins and measuring jug too.

Murnie said...

hi melody

just want you to know that Ive received your package. It was two Fridays ago actually but only managed to put it up now.

Sorry to make you worry abt the package.


Thank u so much Mel.

Here's the link to the post:-