Sunday, August 13, 2006

Just Married

Simple and meaningful. That is how I would describe my brother's wedding.

They have taken a long, bumpy road to get to this point. The ceremony depicted their joy and persistence.

My new sister-in-law has two children, Chase - 11 & Faith - 5.

My brother did the sweetest thing after they said their vows - he brought out engraved ID bracelets for both kids who were standing with them and presented them their own and declared his commitment to them and their family as a whole.

It was so sweet, poor Chase was crying and Faith was trying to figure out if she should be. The rest of us sure were.

They were married in an old church in Cades Cove in the Smokey Mountains. If anyone hasn't been there, I can save you a long - long - long slow winding drive and say - it is the woods. You'll thank me.

Three days with the parental units weren't bad. I will say that I was never more happy to get home yesterday and stop the incessant chatter coming from the backseat. My husband didn't strangle them and I didn't strangle him - so all in all, good trip.

Note: More pictures in Flickr.


C. said...

Congrats to them! The ID bracelets were a sweet idea.

Glad no one got strangled. That always put a damper on the festivities. ; )

MysteryGirl said...

Awww! They all look so happy! Great pics.
Thanks for the advice about not visiting Cades Cove. I'm always looking for travel advice.

Skittledid said...

A family got together and no one was hurt! That is good news on top of the good news of the wedding!

And for you...

Westport: 1974-1993
Seymour: 1994-1996


Cory said...

How sweet is he?